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We’ll pay for malpractice insurance & licensure in a different state if needed to ensure non-compete compliance.

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CORONAVIRUS ALERT: Due to COVID-19 risks to vulnerable demographics, we have an urgent need for specialist telemedicine care to minimize unnecessary exposure. To expedite onboarding, we will cover the cost of licensing in a different state if needed to ensure compliance with any non-compete agreements you may have AS WELL AS cover your malpractice insurance through our plan.

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Note: If you need malpractice insurance and/or an out-of-state license (necessary in some cases), we will gladly pay for it.

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Is Practicing Telemedicine Right for You?

Find answers to common questions.

Telemedicine began as a method of providing healthcare to patients in remote locations. Today, telemedicine can be used to increase the convenience of medical care for both the provider and the patient. Patients are able to consult providers across a broad spectrum of specialties on their own time and from the comfort of their own home.

Providers are free to make their own schedules and see patients when they choose to. Telemedicine grants a greater degree of flexibility and freedom for providers that is unrivaled by traditional health care practices.

Appointments last for 10-40 minutes and may require additional administrative work beyond the strict time of the appointment.

We believe in paying the highest in the industry to all the professionals who work with Dial MD. Compensation is variable, however we assure you that you will like the offer we make based on publicly available salary ranges for your specialty.

Yes! If you are accepted into the pilot period, we will contact you to begin the credentialing process and you will be able to begin practicing immediately.

Telemedicine allows for flexibility in the time and location where you see patients. You can take appointments from home, a coffee shop, or any other place you can think of with access to the internet.

Yes! Complete the short, 3-minute application online and we will be in touch with you within 2 business days.

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Did you know that patients in rural and low-income areas wait significantly longer on average for a specialist to look at their charts?

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