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Speak with a medical doctor or specialist by phone or video in minutes. Get the care you need with on-demand medical services so you can carry on with your busy life, without missing a beat.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know the nature of your medical concern, and one of our medical doctors or experts will give you a call right away.

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Receive general or specialized medical care for any non-emergency concerns whenever you need it.


Avoid driving across town and germ-filled waiting rooms just to speak with the doctor for a few minutes.


Speak with a doctor or medical specialist by phone or video and get the assistance you need on-demand.


Our board-certified doctors are among the most qualified and knowledgeable medical experts worldwide.

Speaking with a medical professional is easier than ever.

Step 1. Select the kind of care you need.

We offer a range of medical services from evaluating the severity of symptoms, to advising on over-the-counter treatments, to referring you to local specialists for further help, and everything in between.

Step 2. Fill in your details.

Complete a 3-minute intake form so we have the information we need to route you to the right medical professional and make sure they can give you the highest-quality service.

Step 3. Receive a call within 15 minutes.

After submitting your contact details and the nature of your medical concern, one of our doctors or specialists will contact you within 15 minutes. It’s that simple!

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What people are saying.

"I've been using this service for the last 6 months to address a number of medical concerns. I can always talk to a specialist within a short period of time, and they have fantastic professionals who take the time to provide the guidance I need. I'm a big fan of telemedicine!"

Rebecca T.

Oklahama City, OK

"My wife and I have two daughters and two sons, along with three dogs, and we take care of my mother-in-law too. Needless to say, we are always busy so it's nice to have quick, convinient access to a doctor by phone anytime. We love DialMD!"

Jordan N.

Chicago IL

"DialMD has been one of the best services I have found in the last several years. Instead of going to the doctor's office for every little thing, I jump on a quick call with a doctor or specialist and they are able to provide direction and expertise so I know exactly what to do next. Highly recommended!"

Jana O.

Raleigh, NC

"I have inflammation that flares up with my diabetes, and most of the time it is no big deal, but it's important to have a professional make sure just in case. DialMD has made this much, much easier!"

Philip R.

Denver, CO

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