Upgrade your employee benefits package with DialMD’s telemedicine services.

Include telemedicine in your benefits package and connect employees with the healthcare services they need without the hassles of visiting a doctor.

This makes their life easier, results in significantly less sick days, makes your company’s benefits package more attractive, and increases employee morale.

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Make Employees Happy

Your employees will love having 24/7 telemedicine access to top-tier medical specialists to address any health concerns.

Reduce Sick Days

With a majority of healthcare handled remotely, your employees spend less time sitting around in doctor’s offices.

Provide Better Benefits

Partnering with DialMD sweetens the deal for your employees, makes your benefits more attractive and saves you money.

Boost Employee Morale

Lighten your employees’ load, reduce their time spent in traffic and waiting rooms, and give them the best care.


We offer a variety of plan options to give you maximum value.


Split appointment fees with your employees however you like.


Extend special benefits to some divisions and/or as bonus incentives.